What is the best WordPress theme on the market?

I want to share my recommendation for a WordPress theme, and I want to make it clear that I’m not affiliated with or sponsored by Kadence in any way whatsoever. I’ve been using WordPress since its inception in 2004, and in my experience, Kadence stands out as the superior choice, here are my reasons.

Kadence offers an impressive website builder called Kadence Blocks, a no-code solution for beginners and professional, specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with their theme. It’s a powerful tool with over 1500 custom icons, visibility controls, layout options, customized rows, sections, device responsive controls and more. But you may ask, Elementor has more options and features compared to Kadence blocks? The problem with this argument is that custom made Elementor sites are incredibly slow!

Elemntor slow

Kadence also provides a unique Shop Kit for WooCommerce. This custom template builder allows you to create dynamic and visually appealing WooCommerce product layouts. Plus, it’s optimized for their theme, making it effortless to customize your product and shop pages.

For e-commerce enthusiasts, they offer a plugin called Kadence Conversions, which is designed to boost sales. It includes features like popups, sliders, and other media elements, all with performance indicators. The customization options are smooth and sleek.

One of the most time-saving features is Kadence Cloud, a plugin that enables you to build elements once and use them on multiple websites. For example, I manage 15 separate pharmaceutical program websites, each with menus linking to one another. Kadence Cloud allows me to create a single menu that I can easily update across all 15 sites. This saves me a significant amount of time and effort, rather than going to each site one at a time and updating them all. This is my favorite feature.

Kadence Library and Marketplace provides access to thousands of pre-made theme templates, blocks, layouts, and more, offering endless possibilities for customization.

Kadence Design Library

Kadence is known for its exceptional speed, earning it a reputation as one of the fastest-performing WordPress themes. Even with multiple plugins installed, such as cloud CDNs and security measures, it remains blazing fast and responsive.

Additionally, Kadence offers optimized plugins like an email campaign designer, site-wide CAPTCHA protection and so much more!

The main reason I didn’t consider themes like Astra and OceanWP is that Kadence has made their own plugins customized to their theme. You no longer have to deal with cluttered plugin pages (25+ plugins), multiple monthly fees, cross plugin integration issues and other stressful issues.

Check them out here — https://www.kadencewp.com/